Monday, November 19, 2012

Blog Photography

Hey all-
I started this blog on a whim and for a stepping stone into the world of fashion. I knew that I would not be working in some fabulous fashion pr house coordinating fashion shows or being an impeccably dressed assistant running back and forth to Starbucks to fetch Miranda Priestly's a fabulous editor's coffee but it made me feel as if I had a place in the fashion world. This blog was an ode to my infatuation with fashion and everything haute couture. Its funny that as the months go by, my love of fashion slowly takes a backseat and photography starts to become my ultimate passion. Lucky for me, I can still do both and thank goodness for fashion photography!!! I love everything about this art form. I get excited when I see a picture I have taken and can tell you exactly what went wrong or what went right and I now only troll through fashion blogs with quality images. I am obsessed with Marshall of TPWP's work and am often stalking his images. Its not as much the angles or how he chooses to snap what he does but more so the crispness of his art. He is also pretty beyond amazing as a videographer as well and just recently watched his video for the lovely ladies of NeonV Magazine (Im in the launch issue by the way in a very awesome outfit so def dont forget to subscribe pretty please and support). But I digress.... I have noticed that my time spent on style and fashion websites on my small breaks at work has diminished and is now replaced with sites offering photography tutorials. (Kevin and Amanda has become a fave of mine!). I was chatting with Monroe today and gushing about how much I love taking pictures and viewing pics and she said, why dont you start a photography blog as a supplement to the personal style blog and I instantly got excited! I just may do that lol! But for now, I think I may just want to offer my services to fellow bloggers and see if anyone would be ok with me shooting their outfit pics and doing minor editing for them. Once I am more comfy, maybe I will have more of a portfolio.... I have shot a few outfit pics for Monroe and Naja though, so def check them out! 
Im going to end this soliloquy showing you the items on my wish list in my pursuit of becoming a better photographer (I have a long way to go) and also share some snapshots I have taken. They are not high quality but they speak to me in one form or another and that is all that matters. I love how one image can tell a complete story!!!

riding around holding hands...

pic I took of my good friend Avery, keep him in your prayers everyone! (I didnt edit yet)

taken with my iphone and NO editing

SOOOO want this!!! Eye-Fi Wireless SD Card

great candid shot of the boyfriend and I after a football game

kinda cheesy editing on my part....

My Tips To Decent Blog Pics:

1. SMILE in your pictures. Trust me it does wonders!
2.  Natural lighting is the best unless you have an excellent external flash
3. Don't set your ISO too high (dont want grainy pics).. I typically use ISO 100-400 outside
4.Always check your camera histogram so your pic is not over or under exposed
5.I usually shoot after 2pm (sun is at a better spot for the type of pics I like)
6. Practice with manual modes and settings... dont just get a fancy camera and treat it like a point and shoot (only my opinion)
7. Use editing software for minor things, if you have to correct or touch up the entire image, just take a whole new shot :)
8. Try different lenses and AV Mode is a blogger's best friend 
for that wonderful blurred background (bokeh)
9. Change the White Balance if you are inside under horrible lighting and don't have an external flash
10. If using your tripod and dont have a remote timer then make sure to focus on something where you will be standing so that your pic will be in focus 

Jenni Jehanne


Vivi N said...

It's pretty cool that you found a new passion through an old one. For me, personally, I think you've gradually become a pretty good photographer. I'm judging based on your blog posts throughout this year. Good luck in your new venture and, of course, I'll be viewing/reading it every step of the way.

Whitney 'Nic' James said...

Great story! I have a love for photography, thanks to my late grandfather, but I haven't had the time to really focus on it. I'm happy you've decided to take more pics and focus more on photography. Can't wait to see the outcome...I know the pics will be great.

jeimy said...

awesome post! I have a t3i cannon rebel and it's been the best thing that has ever happend to me although Im still a rookie and dont really know alot about photography im loving more and more to take pictures than to actually be on them great great post I will definitely try the iso tip you put on here and one thing I always do is use AV to take all my pictures thanks again!

M/B/O said...

awesome post Jenni...and im on bended knees for your friend Avery!!lol

amaya lavid said...

Hi!! Nice blog! Follow you from Spain!!

Look at my blog:

I wish you like it!!


Naina said...

I actually did intern for one of those beastly editors at a big magazine haha and it was amazing, but I feel like running something of your (aka a blog) is something to be just as proud of! You have your own space for your own creativity, and no-one's but your own coffee to fetch ;)

KizzyEvae said...

I love this blog post. I just started my blog but have had a love for photography all my life. We are also located in the same area. If you ever need an extra camera woman please let me know, I learn best hands on and I am looking for any opportunities to get experience and exposure.

shahidah said...

ummmmmm just readin this! but u can DEF be my photog if u want!! :) great post love...

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