Thursday, November 8, 2012

Basicly Boring

Hey all-
Like the title, this outfit is snooze worthy. But really, its cold and honestly, I'm too ginormous for my clothes at the moment. This whole having to be uber creative with winter garments in order to look stylish and stay warm is just turning into the pits. I think I finally reached my breaking point though... I tried on my abso-fave genuine leather midi pencil skirt and it was a sausage casing for my thighs. Operation eat better and work out in FULL effect!!!!! 
This post is really just a filler at this point.... its not fab, its not drab, it is merely loitering in the Ehhhhh section of the parking lot of style. It happens......

Cinched it at the waist for a launch party after work: (5:15pm)

other outfits from the week (as seen on my Instagram):

Jenni Jehanne


Terry S. said...

Your outfit may be cozy and basic, but I don't think it's boring by ANY means. I totally love that jacket and the fur collar!


YoyosFashions said...

Cute look!!

Audrey Masitsa said...

Love your heels!!

J. Jehanne said...

thank you Terry! I felt BLAHHHHHH lol

J. Jehanne said...

thank you Audrey... they are very comfy

jasmine. said...

not the "dust my shoulders off" that fur collar honey...not boring in the least...needs a cool polish job tho.... {insert shameless plug here}

Katherine Byrnes said...

I love your photos, such personality.