“Til No One is Hungry; Bloggers Giving Back to the Community

Hey all-
Today I had the pleasure of volunteering at the Capital Area Food Bank here in DC as part of my job’s Day of Service. The CAFB offers goods for 19 cents a pound and has a variety of items to shop from. I was able to be on the shopping floor and assist some people who were purchasing groceries as well as help stock shelves with donations. The building is brand new, quite large, very organized and super eco friendly!! I always make it a point to actively give back to the community at least 6-7 times a year and I love that my place of work allows us to do this. My favorite thing to do is help tutor and mentor at risk youth and anything dealing with the homeless even though I have a huge tendency to internalize everyone’s problems and end up being a little depressed afterwards. I would much rather feel sadness than not help though. Besides community service, I try to buy lunch for at least 1 homeless person a week and am thinking of doing a blanket drive in order to get donated bedding in order to hand out to the city’s impoverished in preparation for the winter months. 
Although I don’t have a lot,
 I have enough to live comfortably and give back to the world.
We were given T-Shirts to wear for the day and of course I had to jazz mine up a bit. I also had the opportunity to wear my high top wedge sneakers that I purchased from a vendor on Ebay and my fave trench jacket from H&M. These kicks seriously are the most comfy sneakers that I currently own…. even more so than my trusty Asics running shoes. I learned so much today and am looking forward to going back to the Food Bank to assist further!!!
Would any of my DC based bloggers like to assist in the Blanket Drive???

Trench: H&M  Option 1/ Option 2
Chambray Shirt: GAP 
Shoes: Annakestle (under $45) 
Jenni Jehanne

6 thoughts on ““Til No One is Hungry; Bloggers Giving Back to the Community

  1. Glad you had fun while giving back! I used to volunteer at Martha’s Table and at Bread For The City…miss those times. From time to time I go with my church to the women’s shelter near Logan Circle…the ladies their love game night! I would love to participate in a blanket drive. Just let me know the deets!

  2. You’re such an awesome blossom. Currently looking into ways to do more; I’m not a fan of monetary donations. I get such a very rewarding & humbling experience when volunteering.

  3. Are the sneakers pretty true to size? In sneakers I usually wear a 9. I tried the Steve Madden size 9 but they were slightly too big and they didn’t carry 1/2 sizes so I’m curious as to how these run (cause I’ll get them for $47!)

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