How to Wear Thigh High Boots

Hey all-
This little blogger here loves thigh high boots. It rivals my obsession with sunglasses but isn’t as strong as my passion for good ole leather jackets. I have noticed I gravitate more towards more rocker, bad ass, femme fatale styles and I really believe that thigh high boots embody all these easily. 2 years ago I wrote an article for the on this footwear and its funny that I am still talking about them and loving them. Apparently my style does not evolve or change much and I just like what I like. I do believe though that there are certain rules to follow to avoid the “Pretty Woman” context and also that I believe just makes the whole outfit look better:
1try to avoid wearing them with skin showing. What I mean by that is leaving an inch of skin between the top of the boot and your skirt or short length. best to be more streamlined by wearing them with leggings, jeans, opaque or dark sheer tights. I’ve seen plenty of people wearing them with skin showing but for me personally it gives off a “lady of the night” vibe regardless
2- Work proportions and balance the tight fit at the bottom with something a long and loose at the top
3- Avoid a high gloss patent finish on these tend to look a little costumey
4- Thigh highs work really well with pencil skirts in an office setting. you can definetely make them more office conservative by wearing a dark brown leather pair or even the black.
 Pair the skirt with a collared shirt or turtleneck.
5- Don’t forget you can also rock out in flat thigh high boots with a cozy sweater and jeans
Rihanna tends to wear her thigh skimming boots often in various ways. She can get away with more risque choices and more often than not still looks amazing doing so but for us everyday folk, I think its best to not wear short shorts with thigh high boots but like I always say, 
rock out with what you are comfortable in!
(my fave places for thigh high boots for those of us with healthier calves and thighs are Macy’s (brand: Report) and Steve Madden

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3 thoughts on “How to Wear Thigh High Boots

  1. Great post. I have a pair of Steve Madden thigh high boots that are collecting dust because I was’nt sure how to wear it without looking like s 2 bit hooker lol. Thanks for the tips missy.

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