Responding to IFB and Thrift Finds Video

Hey all-
Please watch a quick video I made yesterday showcasing some of my recent thrifting finds as well as a short commentary on an article that IFB posted in regards to non super thin bloggers not achieving success and IFB not being able to really find any curvy bloggers or diverse bloggers with high quality blogs etc….
Someone recently called me the “Angela Davis” of Bloggers and although I will always fight for what I believe in, will always be honest and dont hold back, I dont think I am to the amazing level that Angela was. All I want is a positive, supportive, diverse and encouraging blogger world where there is a place for everyone to be successful. I hope the categories go away and we can look past sizes, race, color and just see personal style! If you would like to check out some info on this article please go to ShamePuff to read. I am not a huge fan of IFB because of their lack of diversity in who they choose to promote and help but I do think they have some great resources and are very informative on photography and blogging tips. I hope that they choose to be a little more careful with their words and realize that in order to continue to be successful, they have to remember that most of the women in the world do not fit within a 0-6 size range. I also urge bloggers to give your all when posting. Please realize that your blog is a resume for all to see and you want to present the most amazing you possible! Let us build up and not tear down!!!
( I apologize before hand for the repetition in words used as well as the lighting…watch in HD if possible lol)

10 thoughts on “Responding to IFB and Thrift Finds Video

  1. Hey there! I am clearly late to the band wagon on all of this. I check IFB every so many months because they have great resource articles. However, I recently read the article on IFB that your video is about. Your video is a great response. I hope to see you at the next BLM event. Take care!

  2. Great post lady! I’ve been hearing a lot about this infamous IFB post today. In fact I think your post was the first I read about the controversy. It really is a shame that people in this world still continue to discriminate in this day and age. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised but sometimes it just makes me wonder. Although it caused quite a stir and left me unsettled I’m proud that bloggers/influencers like yourself LoveBrownSugar, GorgeousinGrey and Shamepuff are lending your strong voices on this topic. It will without a doubt encourage others to speak up.


  3. Your whole video and this post is so much truth. There’s nothing else to add. And I, too, have noticed that IFB have their favorites and don’t really promote great new blogs like it promotes.

    Thank you so much for the s/o. And you do constantly make me blush. :o)

  4. thank you Sheila! I have had many bad “run ins” with them. They choose to ignore who they dont feel fit into their world and I am seriously FED up with it. To hell with them and I choose not to suport them any longer

  5. Wow, great post! I didn’t see the article but after watching your post and reading the comment from Mischi, I’ll definitely read it. It’s funny, I’ve felt from the beginning (when I started blogging last year), that IFB has it’s faves (they all look a certain way) and that’s who they promote, retweet, mention, etc. I even sent them a tweet once and asked, “how does one get more prominent placement or favor with IFB,” and they responded by saying I should keep blogging, be consistent, and take great pics. However, after almost a year of following them, it’s crystal clear that their preferences are very narrow.


  6. Can i say that it took Allison posting the Shamepuff piece on FB, I went on Shame puff, and then I went to IFB and I went to type out like 3 long responses and i never posted, because I saw the IFB (writer) owner whatever trying to defend her article, and she was getting defensive. But to me, even with the “defense” I still thought her wording was SUPER tacky, and supportive in that, she is one of those people that Drool over these “top tier” bloggers that she has dubbed as cool. Personally I feel like IFB has so many resources to share all of these bloggers, blogger who actually support IFB. Some of these Top Tier bloggers don’t even acknowledge IFB. I love that Allison went on there and posted all of those wonderful blogs, but this is bigger than “not thin” bloggers. IT’s about the bloggers of all these colors of the racial rainbow, who probably if given the chance to be put on a larger platform might gain enough exposure to “upgrade their blogs, camera’s and even style” Because when Jennie(sp) said “blonde” i automatically thought that was a cop out for saying White, and then she was said “Blonde and Pretty” I kinda lost it, because while I get the media’s obsession is giving us the perception that beauty if tall, white, and blonde ” the truth is there are tons of bloggers out there, who are way more fashionable than these bloggers that people worship. We’ve had this conversation many time on G-Chat, but it’s time for us to really focus on supporting bloggers, which I think we are doing now, and we can change it. I really think some people if given the platform can realllllly get up there in the “top tier”.

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