Thursday, July 5, 2012

Yup its the Denim Vest Again

Hey all-
I hope everyone enjoyed their 4th of July and was able to spend it the way they wanted to. Me, I did just that. I was with my Bmore family (aka my boyfriend) on the couch, eating and napping and not in that order. It was seriously the best holiday because we had no plans and no schedule and I hope all holidays go like that in the future. I wore this outfit a few weeks ago when it was cooler out in DC but forgot to post it. Since I have been on a lazy mode, I decided to use them today. I have been working on my 2nd video for YouTube and I cannot express how thankful I am for all those who viewed it and tweeted me, FB'd me or left comments here on the blog about it. You are THE BEST! I know I say it alot but its because it is true. I would be just a chick posting some outfit pics on a blogger website if it werent for you. I just was presented with an AMAZING opportunity for NYFW and cannot wait until I see if it pans out or not. But if it does, it will be HUGE so without all of you these things would not come to be... so THANK YOU!!!!!
Hope you arent sick of seeing it but honestly even if you are, too bad, I love this vest and will wear it in the winter as well!

This was the first "shoot" that I had music playing in the background and from this pic its obvious a good ole country song was vibrating thru the speakers! Yee Haw!

Top: Forever 21 Men
Yellow Pants: H&M, similar option
Belt: Gap
Shoes: c/o ShoeMint

Jenni Jehanne


Jacotte28 said...


JenniJP said...

Hahahah I know Manman. The shirt unbuttoned. I didn't do it but it was a good picture. That's why I blurred it out :)
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candycoatedcashmere said...

I love this look. I have all of these pieces in my closet. Definitely cute for a date in the park :)

Monroe Steele said...

super cute!

Fashion Steele NYC

larissabruin said...

Great blog babe.

JenniJP said...

thanks Monroe :)

JenniJP said...

agreed... it was super comfy too

JenniJP said...

thank you larissa.... thank you for visiting and leaving feedback. I appreciate it very much

Estelle La Mode said...

Love the jeans, the colour is stunning!


JenniJP said...

Thank you for visiting Estelle and for the comment. Don't be a stranger :)

Liz - So Much to Smile About said...

I love denim vests! Such a fun piece! And yours looks awesome with the bold yellow pants!

JenniJP said...

Thanks Liz.... I appreciate you visiting the blog and then leaving messages... means a ton!

Clara Turbay said...

Nice yellow!

Becky Cruz said...

these pictures are so cute!!! your personality shiiiiiiines in the last one ;) love it!!

Abby Mongolik said...

Someone just told me about your blog and I am very happy they did. You are different from these others, the style isnt anything trendy or extraordinary but you can sense it is all you and that is why I will keep coming back. Continue to stay true because it shows. You are a great inspiration young lady!

JenniJP said...

Thank you Abby. I can only be me. I appreciate you writing!!!!


shariece greene said...

i love your vest. i have a cropped jean vest that i must say im in love with. i've worn it one of my post before and i'm actually about to post another look with it. jean vest are great items to have. and you look great as always of course ! love the yellow pants and the flats : )

lots of loveeee.

JenniJP said...

Thank you Shariece... yes I have seen yours and I LOVE it... need to find a cropped one ;)