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Hey all-
Super quick Monday post showing really quickly all the things I am coveting from perusing the internet for things to add to the shoe arsenal and closet. I am all about quality and affordability because who really wants to spend thousands of dollars on clothes when we are all at that point where we want a padded savings and things that really are worth it all like purchasing a home. Of course not everything we want will have a small price tag but with enough research and shopping, you can find almost everything you like and want at the perfect price. Lately I have been into dresses so much of what I am wanting is in this category. Dorothy Perkins is a retailer I have been grabbing things from for a short while now and I think you should all check out the site for super cute threads at super cute prices. If you purchase anything let me know as I love to see how everyone styles their ensembles! All in all,  I hope everyone had a great weekend and be on the lookout for some outfit posts coming soon! A plus tards!
Jenni Jehanne
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  1. I am a 6-8 in us size for dresses and I always order a UK 10-12 depending on cut and it fits fine.
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