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Hey all-
After being hounded to do video by a special twitter follower, I went ahead and made one. I don’t yet have the Canon T2i that I believe will enable me to take awesome videos and start doing interviews on the blog so I used my Canon Powershot SD1100 instead. I am not great with editing yet and its really only my 3rd time editing video so please offer constructive feedback because I have SO much to learn. Regardless, its a short video to show some of the items I currently have in my closet that I haven’t yet worn or need to reconstruct. I hope you enjoy and I promise the next one will have better quality!!!! Thank you always for your support!

16 thoughts on “Comme Coco meets YouTube

  1. Awwww thanks girl!!!

    Jennifer Jean-Pierre
    Editor In Chief: Comme Coco
    Managing Editor: Facon Magazine
    Director of Outreach: CapFABB (Capital Area Fashion and Beauty Bloggers) Facebook: Comme Coc

  2. Awwww Bev. Thank you. I love love love your feedback. I’m cynically working on getting some dressforms for future videos so I agree completely with you. Thank you soooooooo much!!!’n

  3. cute vid.  i thought you did fine & it displayed ur love 4 what U do.  is there a way to display the pieces after you speak on them?  possible hang them behind you or have a manekin showcasing one of the outfits or your “fav” pick??? i was waiting to see them again!  lol.  but, I liked the watermelon one.  looking forward to the next video.  it was cute, don’t be too overcritical, you are a natural & you got what it takes! 

  4. Love.Love.LOVE!! I must have the watermelon dress!!! Why didn’t you start doing videos sooner! I’ll definitely be tuned into this series. And once you dust off your sewing machine, feel free to stop by my closet! lol

  5. Love.Love.LOVE!! I must have the watermelon dress!!! Why didn’t you start doing videos sooner! I’ll definitely be tuned into this series. And once you dust off your sewing machine, feel free to stop by my closet! lol

  6. LOVE THIS!!!! You’re so cuteeee!! Awesome first video :) Obsessed with the “watermelon” dress from Oasap!! Also – great vintage finds, I can’t wait for you to reconstruct them and wear them!! and then maybe teach me how you end up doing it……hahaha cause I’ve been scared to try it myself!

  7. Hey girl. I did use a tripod. Lol. But thank you and yes I will definitely show the final product. I move a lot, it’s not the camera moving haha. It’s just me. I’m all over the place :)

  8. I love your energy! My lil piece of advice:  get a tripod, they are so cheap and really make a huge difference no matter how steady the hands of the person filming.  Also, I’d love to see the before and after alterations of a piece within the same video, so possibly put the footage of you with the green dress in another video after you’ve finished “re-making” for the final look? Just an idea.  And I think the quality was okay dear!

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