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Hey all-
Huge thanks to Jasmine the nail artist extraordinaire and fashion guru for nominating me for a Kreativ Blogger Award. The terms of receiving this are as follows: You must post 7 random facts about yourself as well as nominate 7 other bloggers……
7 Random Facts about Yours Truly

  1. I didnt learn English till I was almost 7 years old and I adamantly fought with my English tutor about raisins and grapes… its the SAME thing so why different names! French doesnt do that!
2. I truly despise any food or drink that is blue. Just seems unnatural to me ( yes blueberries too!) *am learning to drink Blue Powerade though because its the least sweet*
3. I studied Muay Thai fighting for 4 years
4. I made the decision to move to DC in one google chat convo and moved 3 days later. Crashed on a friend’s couch for a couple months got a full time job within 16 days of moving and had my own place before the end of that year.
5. For my Oral Interpretation Final Exam in High School, I performed many monologues from Clueless ie the “hay-tee-ans need to come to America” speech
6. I was an extra in the movie Semi-Pro
7. I suffer from DOR (diminished ovarian reserve) and I urge EVERY single young women to get fertility tests because you never ever know whats going on with your eggs
Passing this on to:
Jenni Jehanne

9 thoughts on “Kreativ Blogger Award

  1. Thanx for passing this on hun!! I learned English in kindergarten! Apparently I used to always ask my mom why folks wasn’t speaking French like us! hahaha! #haitistandup

  2. I am just seeing this, Jenni thanks so much for passing it on to me!!! I’m doing this today! P.S. you studied Muai Thai fighting? That is pretty insanely awesome!
    I loved reading your facts! :)

  3. Yes. I hasn’t heard of it either but it does happen and there are NO symptoms. You could be losing eggs at a rapid rate and not know it at all till you are ready to have a child and BOOM!

  4. Hahaha yes yes yes English makes NO sense.

    Jennifer Jean-Pierre
    Editor In Chief: Comme Coco
    Managing Editor: Facon Magazine
    Director of Outreach: CapFABB (Capital Area Fashion and Beauty Bloggers) Facebook: Comme Coco

  5. Sak passe Jenni…I too didn’t learn English til I was about 7-8yo….I was born in NY but educated in Haiti and then Canada…I was always questioning why is there a “K” in front of Know, Knew, etc… it just didn’t make sense to me…LOL

    Love your blog and your style. Sending you lots of love from a Haitian sistah in the ATL!  :)

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