Summer Straw Hats, Midi Skirts and Floral Footwear

Happy Tuesday! For those that follow me on twitter, you know I recently went on a thrifting binge and bought a million and 2 new midi skirts. I absolutely love the fit of these because they hide a multitude of body sins while still being comfy and stylish. My fave store to venture out to is in Old Town Alexandria and all proceeds  go to the Inova Health Care Systems. I love knowing that at least my shopping is a tad bit charitable. With that said, I woke up to a wonderful text message from a co-worker who told me it was time to update my blog and that I needed to bring my camera to work. He also told me black and white was the color scheme for today but whenever it is gloomy out, I refuse to dress in neutrals. I need color on me if my surroundings are blah! I brought out some of my fave wedges that I purchased last year and wore with a teeny tiny skater skirt that I own. I am a HUGE fan of blues (color not having the blues)  and this probably comes from the fact that I am pisces and these are water colors!!! Its funny how accurate astrology can be. I am a definite believer in it, just ask my good friend and fellow blogger Elle (hahahaah).
p.s. Im wearing a new fave necklace of mine that my sister from another mister gave to me as a gift. I love when she goes to Honduras, I always get the absolute unique pieces to wear. I love you Jleh!
If you have not had a chance yet, please vote for me for a Style Bloggers of Color Award for Best Curvy Blog… I would truly appreciate it!!! MUAH!

yes, I really did this… jumping around in 4inch wedges… why not?

Shirt: LnA (similar HERE)
Skirt: Alfred Dunner (Thrifted) similar one HERE for under 10 bucks!
Belt: thrifted, previously worn HERE, HERE and HERE
Shoes: Dollhouse similar HERE
Bag: Joie
Jenni Jehanne

18 thoughts on “Summer Straw Hats, Midi Skirts and Floral Footwear

  1. No not at all Tiffany. It’s a flattering silhouette on almost anyone. You can get one a little higher or lower. I have thicker calves so I adjust mine. They are abundant at thrift stores. Grab one for a few dollars and try it out. If you hate it you can just hem it :)
    Good luck and let me know how it works out for you. Thank you again for always visiting and commenting!!!

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