Style Bloggers of Color Conference and Awards

Hey all-
I’m pretty excited for the Style Bloggers of Color Conference taking place in Atlanta in just a few weeks because its a chance for me to meet all the bloggers that I follow every single day and network with some amazing sponsors. Lo and behold this morning I wake up and see that I have been nominated for an award at this very conference. I was pretty BESIDE myself when I saw it! (THANKS) I know I ask ALOT of you as readers but I would truly appreciate your vote. I am up against the best of the best in the curves category and am the only one that doesnt specialize in plus size fashion but rather am just a “thick” girl. I’d love to represent for all of us who arent naturally slim but also not necessarily categorized as plus size but more so the girls who really are just in between :) I appreciate everyone taking the time to do so and better yet, I hope to see you all in Atlanta in June!!!!!!
You may vote for me HERE… thank you so much!!!!

Jenni Jehanne

10 thoughts on “Style Bloggers of Color Conference and Awards

  1. Congrats beautiful lady! Heading over to vote now! I hope to make it out to meet ur pretty self! Xo


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