Monday, February 27, 2012

Zumba Sunday with Comme Coco and One Medical

Hey all-
So I held my very first event and it turned out great thanks to the wonderful staff of One Medical, Yola, Mint Fitness and Immersa Marketing. I cannot thank Quynh enough for her patience and incredible professionalism throughout the whole planning process! Mint Fitness is by far one of the nicest gyms I have ever went to... from the people working there to the spa facilities to the locker rooms... 1st class all the way! I have always been googoo gaga for smoothies and yogurt and Yola didnt disappoint.. I think I had 3 cups and I know for certain some of my guests had far more than one a piece as well if that doesnt attest to how positively yummy they were!!!

 Sunday was my first time taking a Zumba class and well, to be honest, I not only was HORRIBLE at it but I couldnt keep up (not everyone is as energetic and awesome as you Kate lol). I really went into it thinking I was going to be super rhythmic like back in my Grind Workout Video days but yeah, ummmm, NOT SO MUCH! Even though I was all over the place and you will see in the pictures, I had probably one of the best times at any event I have attended in DC. and noooooo not because I hosted it either! The reasons being, it was nice not to have to dress up and do the pretentious thing and it was fun to see everyone cutting loose and enjoying themselves. Don't get me wrong I adore getting dolled up but every now and then a change in routine is always needed! We laughed and laughed and laughed and to me there is nothing more fashionable than a healthy heart and a genuine smile!

One of the highlights was of course getting to meet some of my readers. It is still very surreal to me that I have readers lol and  I get sooooooo geeked to see everyone in real life. I really hope you all had a fantastic time!! I got so many requests to host more fitness and fun events sooooooo I have already started planning the next adventure.... this is my version of "fashionably fit" and I hope you will all join me!

Huge thank yous again to everyone that RSVP'd and attended. You guys are my heart and I forever appreciate you! Big thanks and kisses and many more homemade dinners to my boyfriend for taking all the pics without me even having to ask. He is truly the best!!!

Now on to the fun..... I do have some super duper hilarious pics of everyone BUT I didnt want to embarass anyone nor do I know everyone's comfort level so I tried to pick the most tame ones...... BUT I do have a disclaimer: I put up every ridic crazy pic of me that wasnt blurry so please prepare to laugh because I certainly did!!!!

Please do not forget to use your special LIMITED OFFER code in order to get a 1 year FREE membership to One Medical.($200 value) I have already visited the offices and met some staff and am definitely impressed by the whole operation as I am certain you all will too.... If you RSVP'd but didnt get a chance to make it, please email me for the code!! Thank you!!!!

Naja is striking a FIERCE pose... LOVE IT!!!!!

love, love, LOVE Susan, although she couldnt participate, she came to support me. Who said you cant find true friends nowadays? Psshhhhh!

Get it girl!! Gwynne was showing all of us up!

yummy yogurt treats from Yola.... honey yogurt is now my new obsession

Adore these girls! Cant wait till Dana's event in 3 weeks and cant wait to enjoy some of Michelle's cooking soon!

please note where my arms are and where everyone else's are..... yup that was the gist of my Zumba

thanks baby for capturing this... yeah thanks a lot

Real Bloggers of DC

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Jenni Jehanne


Miles of Fashion said...

So sad that I missed this, you guys looked like you had a blast.

A Diva State of Mind said...

You ladies look like you had a great time!! And I love the idea of having a fashionable fit's a great way to encourage us all to be physically fit, especially with summer right around the corner. Look forward to attending a future class!

Michelle of Chellbellz said...

OMG! LOLOLOL I'm cracking up at all of these pictures! I loook Crazy!! haha, I had a blast though, and thanks so much for hosting it, it was really good to see a ton of women and men getting in shape!

Vivi said...

Glad it was such a success! Great pictures, Jennifer. :oD

WebHauteJas said...

ya'll were working it out!!! fashionable & fit!! love this post! great job!!!

Naja Diamond said...

LOL, soooo funny, that face of mine is priceless! Had a blast lady so glad I came and got to meet so many FAB ladies!!

Girlie Blogger said...

What a fun time. I tried Zumba once and I did horribly. Some people are just not born to dance. Bet you were super good.
Seattle Beauty and Fashion - Girlie Blog Seattle

SharieceG said...

You all looked liked you were having a great time !
I love zumba, it is very fast paced though!


I wanna be fierce said...

Awww this looks like fun. I love me some ZUMBA. And don't feel bad I am all over the place when it comes to Zumba. The important part is you keep moving.


Jarette (juh-rette) said...

Looks sooooo fun!!!

Anonymous said...

Great post ! The photos are AWESOME :)

Tiny Micia

Cortnie Elizabeth said...

That looked like such a blast! I'll have to try it some time...and soon!


Lelita said...

Sorry I missed this, but you guys look like you had a SMOKIN' time!! LOVE IT!

Anonymous said...

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