Comme Coco and NY Fashion Week Day 1: Brandon Sun

Hey all-

So I survived my first day at New York Fashion Week!!! The energy in the city is ridiculous but the buzz around Lincoln Center is even crazier. The minute you get close to 63rd, you can smell the hauteness in the air and its still surreal to me that I am even in the midst of it all. Today I was honored enough to be invited to Brandon Sun and Katya Leonovich. Brandon Sun is truly a genius… simple lines and amazing furs. The minute I walked into the installation, I immediately felt the intensity. The models were placed in a circle all clad in fur accents, sheer skirts and heavy metal bracelets reminiscent of old kung fu movies. Everything was very serious and sharp but yet the colors added some softness to it that I loved. I love that kind of juxtaposition! No doubt that this was probably one of my favorite presentations and yes it was my first. From reading my blog you all know that fashion to me is about mood and creating feelings, I dress for my mood and I think Brandon Sun did an AMAZING job creating a very intense mood that truly sold his collections. BRAVO and all that!
I unfortunately did not make Katya Leonovich because well, um, yeah… has anyone watched Sex and the City when Carrie walked the runway and fell flat on her face??? Well yeah I guess my body decided to replicate that infamous scene and I became Lincoln Center ROADKILL…. I pretty much high tailed it back to where I was staying to change and try to repair my broken heel and ego (lol) before Blogger Night Out.

A little later in the evening was Blogger Night Out (see my BNO DC post here) at The Caufield in Downtown NYC. I arrived a little late (ok well about 1.5 hours late) but instantly felt the love from all the bloggers… its so weird and so humbling to walk into a room and have people know you and to hear things like “OMG that’s Comme Coco” or “OMG I love your blog” or “you are so beautiful” <—- that was from  Folake of Style Pantry and I nearly died because SHE is GAWJUS!… it does make you feel like a superstar and there is nothing wrong with that every now and then…. just never, ever, EVER let it go to your head and always remember where you came from and where you can go….

And on to the pics……..
p.s. I did an all black “suit” with an American Apparel crop top… yes midriff baring in February… don’t ask, because really I dont have a suitable answer besides, I wanted to?!?!? I also didnt get many pics of my outfit, its so hard to get people to snap your pic because everyone is dashing off somewhere… sigh….


Forgive me but I have not edited or retouched any pics. One I have such a time crunch and 2, I thought I’d give you the realness of fashion week and taking pics as fast as possible….. 
Tomorrow are more shows including Vantan Tokyo and glimpses of NYFW street style…… as well as my post on Blogger Night Out NYC and my leopard tunic worn backwards and accessorized with magenta leopard pumps ( double leopard whammy!!!)

9 thoughts on “Comme Coco and NY Fashion Week Day 1: Brandon Sun

  1. I saw you outside of the Center and I must say you really are striking and carry yourself very well. I am enjoying your blog, please keep up the great work for us “sistas” out here trying to make it. Next time I will make it a point to say hello.

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