Blackened Heart….

Hey all,
I hope everyone is enjoying their Valentine’s Day. Please remember that valentines day is not just a romantic holiday but a day to show anyone that you love them. Nothing much to write today… enjoy the outfit post and thank you to all of you for everything! There is not a day that goes by that I am not grateful to everyone who reads, comments, and sends me nice and mean emails :)

Definitely sending a very special Happy Valentines Day to my baby, my best friend, my confidante, my verbal sparring partner,#1 fan and #1 critic, defensive coach and love of my life: Louis!!!! Milles Baisers!

pics courtesy of Greg Proctor

Blazer: Norma Kamali similar HERE (under 50 bucks!!)
Pink Top: Bill Blass(similar)
Pants: Zara similar HERE
Shoes: Gussini, similar and under 50 bucks HERE

19 thoughts on “Blackened Heart….

  1. @anonymous… yes its very nice to have a good man in my life but its even better to know that I made the choice to walk away from soemthing that wasnt working out and made the choice to better my life. Im truly happy and it has alot to do with my boyfriend but not everything!

  2. very daring look jen! vday appropo indeed! still can’t believe ppl take time outta their day to send u mean msgs. thankfully i’ve been blessed during my blogging time to only receive positivity.

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