Monday, May 30, 2011

Look At Them Girls in the Daisy Dukes....

(who didn't love that song?!?!)
Happy Memorial Day everyone...
Along with the cookouts and picnics and outdoor functions please stop and remember all the fallen soldiers who gave their lives for the country. Without them we would not have many of the liberties we have.....

Only one more day for the giveaway and it seems that only a handful are interested (well I tried lol).

My weekend was pretty chill and well to be honest I perspired so much that there was NOTHING cute about me. My hair, my skin, my clothes just GROSS lol.

So got a couple questions for all of you.... do you guys stay so fresh and so fly during these blistering summer months?????
2. Can you spot the odd ball pic in the group and what piece of clothing or accessory makes it different?
3. What am I missing that I almost ALWAYS wear with EVERY outfit??

Vest: Mossimo, TShirt: Gap, Shorts: Union Bay, Wedges: Aldo, Hoops: bought during Winter Fest

Who wears short shorts? (I actually used Nair lol)

Milles Baisers

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sharing my Faves with YOU!!!

Bonjour everyone....

I decided to host my first EVER giveaway and after much consideration I have chosen my beloved turquoise statement necklace from H&M as the prize. This necklace always adds an extra OOMPH to anything I wear and I want one lucky reader to be awarded with it and share in its fabulousness :)

In order to be entered in the giveaway you must do at least 3 of the following:

1. Like my page on Facebook: Comme-Coco
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5. Comment on at least 2 of my recent posts
6. Leave a comment on this post telling me how you would rock this necklace
7. Follow me on Twitter: @Comme_Coco

Please also do not forget to leave a comment telling me which of the 3 you have done so I can add you to the contest.

Contest ends June 1, 2011..... Good Luck and Thank you for submitting :)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Haitian Flag Day

For more than 200 years, the Haitian flag has served as a symbol of freedom and a source of pride for many Haitians. Each and every year, Haitian Flag Day, is celebrated on May 18th to commemorate Haiti's struggle against slavery and its triumphant victory over the three greatest military powers in the world (in the 19th century -Spain, England, and France).
I am very proud of my culture, history and just being Haitian period. We are some of the most resilient people in the world and I wish everyone a HAPPY FLAG DAY!!!!

In honor of my country, I wore red and blue today to honor what the rebellion did for us. You can see the skirt in another post here: SKIRT
sidenote: It was a very impromptu shoot (after work and had been sitting ALL day in it) and I probably should have chosen a white wall to showcase the skirt... you live and you learn :)
L'Union Fait La Force :)
Shirt: J Crew, Skirt: Thrifted, Pumps: Aldo

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Fashion for the Senses

and I am back peoples. I cannot say I am truly sorry for the lil break I took because I really did need it. While on my blog posting hiatus, I have been working on expanding my business and was asked to partake in a great new design project that I cannot wait to be able to share with you all super duper soon :)

I am pretty much in love with these boyfriend jeans and probably will wear them many times in the summer. They are oh so comfy and can be dressed down or up so the versatility is a MUST for me. I am also in the process of getting rid of anything I really don't wear or making an effort to wear it... SIGH... I am still very into military trend so yup sportin my lil jacket over my True Religion Fashion for the Senses T shirt. My necklace is a summer staple of mine ever since my sister from another mister surprised me with it. It was made in Honduras and I ADORE IT!!!

well.... That's All Folks :)

Jacket: Passport, Tshirt: True Religion, Jeans: Mossimo, Sandals: Dollhouse, Watch and Bag: Michael Kors, Sunnies: Chanel

Monday, May 16, 2011

Fashion Advocacy Day...

DC Fashionistas- Don't only let your amazing style tell stories but use the power of your voice to also help the fashion community.

GWFCC Invites All Fashion Professionals & Members of the Creative Community to Unite!

Tuesday, May 31  12pm - 5pm

John A. Wilson Building

All fashion business owners and anyone interested in fashion please come and support and have your voice be heard!!!!

This will be a great and unique opportunity for fashion professionals and members of the creative community across the Greater Washington Area, to meet face-to-face with their representatives to raise awareness on issues affecting their community. Please take the time to come out and if you are not able to do so, please help spread the word!

Registration is required and you may register here: Fashion Advocacy Day

**** Personal note*****

I truly apologize for the lack in posting. I have been working diligently on a new design project and cannot wait to share with all of you in the next fewmonths!!!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Reeses PB and J

Ok so really, Mother Nature wants to keep toying with us here in DC. Because she is being SO fickle and indecisive (just like a woman, sheesh), I never know what to wear. It was 80 degrees yesterday and then today is 50. THIS is why I just stay feeling under the weather. I mean for goodness sake woman, MAKE UP YOUR MIND... ( I wonder how many of our boyfriends think the same of us, hmmmm)

Today I really wasnt feeling like doing alot with myself. Anytime I feel frumpy, I throw on some of my fave, comfy pieces like my super comfy jeans, my boyfriend sweater and these boots.

So my fellow readers, I urge all of you to pretty please go do the Sun and Warmth dance pleeeaassseee... NO MORE COLD!!!

Tunic: Cotton On

Watch: JCJO

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

All Hail McQueen

The Met Gala aka the Costume Gala aka the 2nd most highly anticipated fashion event in NYC after New York Fashion Week went on last night so its only necessary that I do a quick post on my favorite looks of the night. This year they honored the late fashion genius Alexander McQueen and most people came in his designs. There were a ton of HAUTES as you will see below and there were a ton of NOTs (wont be posting those for the sake of keeping my blog with cute clothes).

Every year it is held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC and if you are ever in the city this museum is one of my absolute faves next to MOMA (Museum of Modern Art). Pretty surprising considering I am obsessed with Impressionism but these two museums just speak to me. Ahh just talking about it makes me want to book a ticket to NYC just to spend the day there... SIGH!!!

Take a look at the 3 outfits below and tell me what you think:
pics from:, and

Ginnifer Goodwin in Topshop (YES TOPSHOP) (c)

Daphne Guiness can do NO wrong... Forget Black Swan, hello Mother Goose

Golden Beauty- Iman is just always beautiful.. only see can make Gold Sequins classy

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Lace up Military...

Well, I didn't get to take a bite out of the Big Apple as I wanted and I am still VERY SALTY about it. But everything happens for a reason, whatever it is, I am trying to remember that. I dont have much today this time around, like I said still kinda salty lol.....
I decided to wear my lace up front black t shirt dress from ASOS with flats and a military green jacket. I dont care what happens in trends, I LOVE MILITARY! lol (that's my type of patriotism)

Enjoy the pics and for my sports fans out there.... #HEAT... GO MIAMI HEAT!!!!!

Jacket: TJ Maxx, Dress: ASOS, Flats: gifted, Bag: Aldo

Sunnies: Kenneth Cole