Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Cold Shoulder: Zara Furry Sweater

Hey all-
Bare legs in November, yes sir. I am kind of obsessed with the weather in DC right now because I can still layer and wear fab fall clothes but have the option of tights or no tights. Oh how I love options!!! If I was still living in Michigan I would probably be wearing a parka, boots, thermal undies, jeans, ear muffs and a hat. I cannot say that I miss that. Today for work I wanted to wear something cozy but still Jenni-riffic so this is what I chose. I feel like I needed a little color in my life since my last few posts have been on the neutral highway. I try to dress professionally for work but still teeter on the non capitol hill style wagon. I refuse to get on that train and I hope that sites like Refinery29, etc.. see that DC is sooo far from business suits and Tory Burch flats and show the amazing style and diversity that is this great metropolis :) p.s. I LOVE Tory Burch flats by the way, no hate over here.    Enjoy!!!

strike a pose

double finger rings are my faves!

I have had these shoes FOR-E-VER (in my character from The Sandlot voice)

Sweater: Zara
Skirt: Forever 21 similar one HERE
Belt: Thrifted from Its Vintage Darling worn previously  in this POST
Shoes: Nine West similar HERE

Jenni Jehanne


look-scout said...

i love the sweater, especially in combination with the blue belt. well done :) love it!!!

~Jeimy~ said...

Gorgeous sweater love the pop of color on your belt. great shoes too..



The Scorpian Crafter said...

I love those shoes! That belt & gorgeous sweater made the outfit stand out!

Jersey Blogess said...

DIIIIIVA! you look so hot here - I love this.

Jessyka said...

that belt against the brown is very cute.

Laura said...

Lol at the Sandlot voice!!! I love this look, and I so have that skirt but haven't worn it yet! I adore how you paired it with this sweater! xoxo

Chyanne M. said...

Girl! I loved your comment! "even if it's not a...event."


email three of your favorite looks. I'd like to feature you on my Facebook page.

Cherrie J. said...

Love this look lady! You look super chic!

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J.Jehanne said...

Thank you everyone :)

tosh said...

U look great! Love that sweater :-)

Candy Coated Cashmere said...

The shoulder detail of the sweater just gave me life! Love the shoes. Cheetah/Leopard is here to stay hunnie!

Welcome to DIVA STYLE! said...

Ummm....this outfit is SOOO F'N CAYUTE!!! LOVE!

Tracey said...

I just ordered a purple skirt and thought that it would only be cute as after hours wear. Now I know how to sneak that puppy into a work out fit. Thanks!