Bronze Medalist… how to rock wide leg pants

Hey all….
I have a very tawdry and dirty, dirty love affair with wide leg pants. I love what they do to my legs and I love their capability of making such a dramatic silhouette. I am telling you this is a sultry love affair, don’t tell my bf shhhhhhh. I was supposed to go to a private book signing of Bitch is the New Black but after getting some not so fab news today I knew that my head and heart just wouldn’t be in it. The last thing I ever want to do is make anyone else suffer for my ill mood. I was in a monochromatic state of mind but need that accessories fix as well. I am really becoming an addict for statement necklaces and arm parties….
Enjoy!!!! FYI: I wore these pants in a previous post.. check it out HERE

 Necklace bought at It’s Vintage Darling

Top: Kenneth Cole- similar HERE
Pants: The Limited similar HERE
Sunnies: H&M similar HERE
Jenni Jehanne

13 thoughts on “Bronze Medalist… how to rock wide leg pants

  1. One of your best, for certain. I always feel like I’m too short to wear wide leg, but they look amazing on you (surprise).

    I used to love wearing hells to work and out of work, but lately, flats and flip flops (is that a business faux pas?) is all I have been wearing to work this summer…

    I need to get back into adding a couple of inches to my height.

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