My Love of Blanket Scarves

top dc blogger in free people dress style 42 810x1215 - My Love of Blanket Scarves

 I fell head first on the blanket scarves bandwagon and well, I am happily riding along. I preach inhale fashion, exhale style and I am against trends over personal style but certain popular items are hot for a reason. They are just that fabulous! There is something absolutely riveting to me about scarves and these oversized wool ones are a must in every cold weather resident’s closet. Today we had fall (not winter) temperatures and a coat was unnecessary but…

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  • favorite products and skincare routine

    Easy 5 step Skincare Routine and Favorite Products

    No lie, I get asked at least once a week about my skincare routine and favorite products and 9 out of 10 times, I cringe when asked. Why? Cause truth be told, my skincare routine heavily mirrors my Pisces brain of inconsistency. I know what…

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  • Top DC blogger at city center igloo holidays 2017-13 ice lounge

    DC Living: Real Igloo at City Center

    When you think of igloos, typically visions of fur adorned Eskimos and the Arctic come to mind. Never does one associate an igloo with the epicenter of luxurious living and shopping in DC but this weekend, and this weekend ONLY, 36,000 lbs of ice are…

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  • Top DC curvy style blog wearing fall trends leopard 28 - Favorite tools to make blogging easier

    Favorite tools to make blogging easier

    My instagram is flooded with questions about how I edit photos, how I take photos and of course how I make blogging easier for me. I wrote this post several weeks back but since I am constantly changing things in my repertoire up, I wanted…

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  • IMG 5449 810x1215 - Washington DC Fall Trend Look

    Washington DC Fall Trend Look

    Happy Thursday yall- I should be showing a throwback thursday type photo but instead posting my actual outfit of the day. People often think that living and working DC means conservative suits and no sort of style. Couldn’t be farther from the truth. This is…

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  • top dc blogger wearing velvet trend 15 - What is that, Velvet?

    What is that, Velvet?

    If you don’t know where my title comes from, then I am seriously judging you. Whenever I think of velvet or see velvet, I automatically think of Coming to America. That movie is everythang! It is actually one of the first movies I ever saw…

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  • IMG 3228 1 810x1215 - A top dc fashion blogger's event filled week

    A top dc fashion blogger’s event filled week

    Whoo! Washington DC was poppin this past week with events and thanks to invites and being a plus one, I attended as many as I possibly could! But now- I’m POOPED! But certainly not tired enough to decline the events I have this week. I…

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  • Top DC Influencer in fall trends 2017 41 - Comme Coco's Fall Must Have list

    Comme Coco’s Fall Must Have list

    It’s finally here! My absolute fave season of all and I could not be happier. As I started putting away all my tanks and shorts, I realized that I needed to take inventory of my Fall items. This instantly made me think of what are…

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