The Power of the Black Female

To DC blogger wearing ch0ked

I am a very proud black female. I think we are the absolute SH*T! By me believing that we are so awesome does not mean that I think other females are not. I just love myself and by loving myself, I am a proud black female. Just recently a Nielsen Report confirmed on paper what I always knew. There is power behind the black female. “Corporations can’t afford not to pay attention to black women online anymore.”-, read it…

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  • Top DC Influencer in Asos 32 - I'm sold on Asos

    I’m sold on Asos

    My love affair with ASOS started in 2010 when I found a cute grey dress on major sale. This was back in the day when I was making like NO money and could not afford to get too much new stuff but would treat myself here…

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  • top dc influencer wearing j.jill

    Fall Styling with J. Jill

    Sundays are my day of rest. But I rested all weekend so here I am with a very quick post about my Fall styling with J. Jill. A few of my friends have remarked that I have been wearing a lot of J. Jill recently…

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  • Top Washington DC blogger in rent the runway

    Thank you Rent the Runway

    Here’s the scenario. Invited to a wedding. Put on weight. Need a dress. Don’t want anything in the stores. What do you do? You may be different but I, Jennifer Jean-Pierre, hit up Rent the Runway to find evening wear for any occasion and this…

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