Fashion is more than a passion

Top DC fashion blogger styling j.jill pieces fashion

As you read in my previous post, NYFW left me very inspired and empowered to kick some butt fashion wise. Although I always emphasize inhale fashion, exhale style- fashion is more than a passion for me. It is what I want to do career wise. Whether photography, social media marketing, or directing photoshoots, I live for this art. Currently I work in social media and honestly I am in love with what I do and the company I work for…

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  • top dc style blogger at nyfw 6 810x1215 - NYFW Day 1 Outfit

    NYFW Day 1 Outfit

    By now you have seen my vlog from Day 1 of NYFW but probably did not get a chance to see the full NYFW Day 1 outfit. Because I knew that J and I would be rippin’ and runnin’ throughout the city donig NYFW and…

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  • favorite statement earrings

    Favorite Statement Earrings for Fall 2017

    Ok. I love earrings. Well, I love accessories because my outfits are usually pretty basic and simple themselves, and I use adornment like statement earrings to add my own stank to the ensemble! While I was sitting here during my lunch hour on my Macbook,…

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  • IMG 8172 810x1215 - Day 1 at NYFW 2017

    Day 1 at NYFW 2017

    Ok so the first full day of NYFW 2017 went a little like this for me. As is customary, I do these posts a tad bit different, You are gonna get the short and sweet bullet point version just like this post from February. Woke…

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  • How to wear a leather jacket 28 810x1215 - A love affair with pizza

    A love affair with pizza

    I was nearly 7 years old before I had my first slice of pizza. I mean, I was born and spent my first 6 years of life in Haiti where rice, beans, fish, avocados and fried pork  filled my plate. The pizza I had was…

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